Towke Mukorsi Dam (Zimbabwe)


Salini Impregilo SpA


2012 – in progress


Towke Mukorsi Dam (Zimbabwe): supply and commissiong of monitoring instrumentation

Towke Mukorsi Dam is a cliff dam with upstream concrete waterproofing membrane (Concrete Faced Rockfill Dam – CFRD)

The Towke Mukorsi dam rises at the confluence of the two rivers of the same name in Zimbabwe and, once completed, it will become the highest in the country and will create the largest artificial lake in the country, allowing the irrigation of approximately 25,000 hectares of agricultural land.

An 8 km access road and a 15 m high and 133 m long stone and concrete avandiga at the top are planned as ancillary works. The project is completed by 5 saddle dams on the right bank.

Pizzi Instruments is carrying out the supply and installation of monitoring instrumentation.

The installed instrumentation was purposely made by Pizzi Instruments thanks to the long experience acquired in geotechnical and structural monitoring, adopting innovative construction details to ensure reliable and long-lasting functionality.

In agreement with the Salini-Impregilo client, Pizzi Instruments was asked to carry out an inspection directly on the dam in order to estimate the need for the supply of the equipment necessary for the completion of the works.

Tools used:

DEC3000 Portable Datalogger

Vibrating Wire Crackmeters

Vibrating Wire settlement cells

USBR Settlement System

Vibrating Wire Rod Extensometer