Infrastructure Monitoring Systems

Pizzi Instruments specializes in advanced instrumentation systems designed for comprehensive infrastructure monitoring, such as tunnels and underground works. Our cutting-edge instruments and integrated monitoring solutions are instrumental in ensuring the safety, structural integrity, and long-term durability of critical engineering projects across various domains.

Tunnels and Underground Works Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art instrumentation systems are meticulously engineered for geotechnical and structural monitoring within tunnels and underground works. Whether it’s tunnel entrances, excavation zones, or established galleries, Pizzi Instrumentation systems provide robust and reliable data insights. These systems are designed to operate seamlessly in challenging underground environments where precision and 24/7 remote control are essential.

In the field of tunnel monitoring, the reliability of our instrumentation is matched only by the efficiency of our automatic data acquisition systems and software, which ensure continuous surveillance and timely response to any anomaly detected.

Monitoring and Surveying of Bridges, Viaducts, and Road Embankments

Pizzi Instruments extends its expertise to the monitoring and surveying of critical infrastructure elements, including bridges, viaducts and road embankments. Our specialized instruments, such as precision measurement devices and advanced data acquisition systems, play a key role in safeguarding these vital structures.

Infrastructure elements are subjected to a multitude of stresses, including the relentless forces of traffic loads, the corrosive effects of weathering, dynamic vibrations, and ground movement. These cumulative stressors can lead to gradual structural deterioration, potentially compromising both stability and functionality.

By using state-of-the-art technologies in bridge monitoring, we can enable real-time data collection, facilitating early detection of potential problems and enabling informed decisions for maintenance and repair strategies. It is critical to recognize that effective bridge monitoring is a continuous process that is essential throughout the life of the infrastructure. 

Building Monitoring

Buildings and structures are also subject to a myriad of stressors from a variety of causes. After construction, monitoring the condition of a building is critical, especially following activities that may impact its structural stability. It is critically important to keep an eye on manifestations such as cracks and subsidence, which can occur for a variety of reasons.

Pizzi Instruments has been a pioneer in the field of innovative building monitoring tools and systems, including Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Our solutions provide real-time remote monitoring with minimal visual impact, ensuring 24/7 continuous surveillance. These monitoring systems provide valuable information about the structural health of buildings, helping stakeholders proactively address potential problems and prioritize maintenance actions.

Pizzi Instruments is at the forefront of monitoring infrastructure, tunnels and underground works. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with cutting-edge technology, enables us to offer tailored solutions that improve the safety and longevity of the most critical civil engineering projects. With a focus on real-time data, accuracy and reliability, we are dedicated to ensuring the integrity and resilience of the world’s essential infrastructure.

Port of Catania : Load tests on pole

The project involved the installation of 25 mini strain gauge bars with vibrating wire, aimed at carrying out a load test on the pilot pole, as part of the construction works of the new commercial dock, at the port of Catania. it occurred along via Peruzzi, near a road embankment, where a significant collapse of a wall occurred with the consequent sliding of a large amount of land into the valley below.

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Municipality of Siena (Italy)

On 27/02/2016 there were calamitous atmospheric events, caused by persistent and very intense downpours, which caused considerable damage to the entire road heritage of the Municipality of Siena. The most serious occurred along via Peruzzi, near a road embankment, where a significant collapse of a wall occurred with the consequent sliding of a large amount of land into the valley below.

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