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Department of Civil Protection – Seismic monitoring instrumentation


Department of Civil Protection

Work execution date

2010 – in progress


Department of Civil Protection: support to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the seismic monitoring systems installed at the structures of the Seismic Observatory.

For several years, the Swiss company GeoSIG Ltd undertakes with the Department of Civil Protection – Seismic Structural Observatory – a series of contracts for the support of the ordinary and extraordinary management of the monitoring systems of the Seismic Structural Observatory.

Pizzi Instruments, as the exclusive representative in Italy of GeoSIG instrumentation, supports the GeoSIG in the performance of its services, thus ensuring the maintenance of installed seismic and accelerometric systems, the daily monitoring of the efficiency of the monitoring network, organizing preventive annual visits, remote control over all systems, all the necessary steps to restore the efficiency of failed systems and repair faulty parts.
Recently, 15 new monitoring systems have also been updated by supplying new CR6-Plus seismic units and 10 systems have been upgraded with a new CR6-Plus acquisition unit.

Also this year 10 systems will be updated with a new CR6-Plus acquisition unit and in addition, the sensors on two systems will be replaced with newly produced high-sensitivity sensors and the construction of a further new system via GMS- recording unit. Plus.