Water Authority of Sardinia Dams


Ente Acque della Sardegna (Water Authority of Sardinia)


1997 – in progress


Water Authority of Sardinia: Scheduled Periodic Maintenance Control Instrumentation Service

Since 1997 Pizzi Instruments Srl subscribes a series of contracts with the ENAS, the Water Authority of Sardinia, both for the periodic maintenance and for the new supply of monitoring and control equipment installed on dams managed by Dam Department of the same Authority.
The maintained dams are: Nuraghe Arrubiu, Mount Rei, Genna is Abis, Is Barrocus, Liscia, Santa Lucia.
Pizzi, through its technical interventions, guarantees the functional status of its own production systems, in order to guarantee its full and correct operation, and,making, if necessary, adjustments and calibrations.


Optical Coordinometer
Coordinometro automatico
Misuratore di livello a bilancia
Pendolo Diritto e Rovescio
Deformometro Removibile 700
Unità Periferica di Acquisizione
Piezometri Corda Vibrante