Re di Sole Dam (San Giovanni in Fiore – Cosenza – Italy)


Impresa LLPP Saverio Iaquinta (Cosenza – Italy)




Re di Sole dam has a quite remarkable height : 40 meters high for 13 meters wide and 180 thousand cubic meters of stone and concrete.

The dam was designed at the end of the 1950s to provide irrigation of much of the agricultural land in Serrisi, Germano and Olivaro, in order to provide water for the water reservoir of Crotone Valley.
The works were completed in the late 1980s, also creating the distribution sockets for the irrigation of agricultural land.
In this period of time, problems occurred that prevented the full use of the reservoir.
In 2013, the project for the definitive commissioning of the dam was approved, achieving an improvement in activities related to agriculture and tourism.
Pizzi Instruments intervened in the final phase of the dam operation by providing the supply and of the commissioning of vibrating wire rod extensometers and of a hydrographic station necessary to monitor the hydrographic processing of the dam.


Datalogger CUM3000

Sentinel – Monitoring Software

Piezometric Level Meter

Vibrating Wire Rod Extensometer