“VW-MDB” CONVERTER Vibrating Wire – RS485 (Modbus)

The ever growing need to optimize the connection of sensors to the acquisition units, generally located at a distance from the sensor application point, and, in any case, to simplify the transmission of the detected data, has pushed us to design and introduce in our production range a converter that allows to use and manage a vibrating wire sensor as a simple digital sensor with RS-485 output.

Our experience in the design and production of vibrating wire instruments and related measuring units allowed us to create a simple, economical and highly reliable product.

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The VW-MDB converter is used on all our vibrating wire sensors and with almost all those present on the national and international market.

Features and benefits

The VW-MDB converter allows the measurement of the vibrating wire sensors to be performed by providing the data in digital form as an Output;

  • Transmission by means of a simple quadripolar cable.
  • Possibility of loop connection of several vibrating wire sensors, using a single cable for “n” sensors.
  • The high resolution of the converter allows the maintenance of the measurement characteristics with the traditional direct measurement method.
  • Easy installation and management of modules and outgoing data
  • High resolution and precision
  • Safe and reliable electronics, designed to last over time even in hostile environments
  • Power supply 8 ÷ 30 Vdc
  • Possibility to perform measurements with a frequency up to 0.5 sec
  • Very low absorption
  • In IP66 version (on request in IP68 version)
Power Supply / Absorption
Mode Power Supply


Power Supply


Power Supply


Power Supply


Power Supply


Stand-by 4,0 ma 2,6 ma 1,96 ma 1,35 ma 1,10 ma
N.B.: current absorbed in the measurement phase (80 mA_max for a time <100 msec.)
Resolution: (32 Bit) 0.005 Hz
Accuracy: 0.01 Hz
Update rate 0.5 sec (simple rate:  2 Hz)
Sensor Type Vibrating Wire Sensors with frequencies between 347 Hz and 6000 Hz (Piezometers, Extensometers,  load cells, pressure cells, strain gauge, etc…)
Reading mode and frequency range CV-OG1: 347 ÷ 1265 Hz

CV-OG: 347 ÷1265 Hz

CV-mode A: 450 ÷ 6000 Hz

CV-mode B: 1200 ÷  3500 Hz

CV-mode F: 2500 ÷   6000 Hz

Temperature sensor type NTC 3K
Operating temperature of conversion board  – 40 °C to + 80°C
Dimensions of conversion board 50mm x 60mm
Maximum number of conversion boards connectable in loop 32
Maximum number of sensors connectable on each VW-MDB conversion board 2 (n° 1 C.V + n° 1 NTC)