Piezometric Level Meter

The piezometric level meter is used for the monitoring controls of water levels of small or large structures and is available in different measuring ranges, suited to all types of application.

Accurate and reliable; by due to its characteristic, it requires some precautions adaptation for use installation in gutters drainage channels in dynamic conditions.

This piezometric level measuring system replaces the ultrasonic meter improving its performance and reaching higher measuring ranges, up to 70 m of water column.

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Typical applications for this instrument are the measurement of water levels in:
•various other

Features and Benefits

The piezometric level meter type is characterized by:
•wide variety of measuring ranges
•simplicity of installation
•accuracy and reliability
•high resolution and repeatability
•direct reading of data
•adaptability to different installation requirements
•readable outputs 4-20mA for standard measuring instruments
•robust and durable
•high resolution and sensitivity
•low cost
•long life under normal working conditions
•automatic measurement possible

Measuring Principle

Measurement of the level is obtained by determining the hydrostatic pressure that is the hydrostatic level acting on the piezometric sensor membrane.
The output signal is transmitted via cable to a local manual or automatic readout unit and, if automatic, transmitted from there to a remote control central unit.
The simplicity and ease of use of the sensor allow it to be used in various applications, suitable for many requirements, to realize different applications, specific to each individual need.
System composition:

Piezometric level meter for external use, by direct immersion, no more accessible after installation
The fitting can be straight or angled; the device can be with locked or removable sensor.

Piezometric level meter for internal use, with pressure taking group and sensor always accessible.
Installation is generally in dam tunnels or on the outside of tanks, with the realization of a direct taking pressure group .The sensor is supplied in protective casing with taking pressure group, siphon and auxiliary Bourdon type manometer .

Technical Specifications

Measuring Range(mt H2O) 30,50,10,150,200,300 (other ranges on request)
Accuracy <±0,1 % f.s.
Resolution 0,02% f.s.
Linearity <0,4% f.s.
Operative Range (Hz) 350-1200
Temperature drift 0,025% f.s. every °C
Material of the sensor Stainless steel AISI 304
Production Electrowelded
Dimensions 35mm x 110mm
Weight 750 gr
Sealing of the membrane By welding
Sealing of the cable By weld metal glass, resin and cable sleeve


Cable type Rubber insulated FG70Gtpv/450-750 V 90 °C LSZH
Conductors 2 x 1 mm² ; 3 x 1 mm²
Cable O.D. 11 mm
Permissible maximum traction 15 N/mm² for movable installations; 50 N/mm² for fixed installations
Weight for 100 m 3 x 1 mm² : 18 kg – 2 x 1 mm² : 16 kg

Internal bridge sensor

Measuring Range 1 ÷ 200 m H₂O (higher ranges upon request)
Accuracy ≤± 0,25% f.s.; ≤± 0,1% f.s.; ≤± 0,05% f.s.
Overload 3 x f.s.
Thermal Drift [± % F.S. /°C]
-Zero: 0…+70 °C
-Span:0…+70 °C
0,06 … 0,2
Long-term stability (1 year) <0,2 % f.s. for ranges > 1 bar – 4 mbar for ranges 0,5 <1bar
Operating temperature -5…+50°C
Fluid temperature -5…+50°C
Power Supply 9…30 Vdc
Output signal 4-20mA
Pressure sensor material AISI (ceramic upon request)
Instrument body material Stainless steel 316 (titanium upon request)
Cable material PUR with compensation tube

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