Electrical Center Hole Load Cells (Toroidal Cells)

Electrical Center Hole Load Cells for tie rods (toroidal cells) are generally used for measuring the stress state of tie rods and reinforcing bars.

Load cells of both hydraulic and mechanical type are available, with direct manual or automatic readout, with electrical strain gauge or vibrating wire sensor. Oil cells are also available, with manual reading through a Bourdon pressure gauge.

Load cells are usually installed with the aid of two special plates for load distribution which serve the purpose of adjusting the surface contact of the cell with the point of support and contrast.

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Load Cells allow the accurate measurement and monitoring of stress-strain failure caused by the relaxation of tie rods in use or pressure increases due to the force of earth on retaining structures.

They are therefore used for:

  • Measurement of changes in tie bars rods or strands
  • Diaphragm walls, bulkheads and containment structures
  • Galleries
  • Dams
  • Bridges
  • Viaducts
  • Riveting of sheet metal and rock anchors
  • Landslides
  • Various

Features and benefits

  • Robust construction, stainless steel, suitable for harsh environments
  • IP67 protection
  • Strain gauge or vibrating wire technology
  • Wide range of measuring range and sizes
  • Easy installation
  • Economical

Measuring principle

The principle is simple; a circular load shaped stainless steel cell, is equipped with strain gauge sensors fixed internally to the longitudinal part, guaranteeing sensitivity of 10 ÷ 20Kg/cm2

The load on the cell deforms its longitudinal body, the strain is perceived by the sensor and measured and data provided as a variation of resistance.

Appropriate portable and automatic units are available for taking measurements.. Special regularization and load distribution plates optimize the installation of the instrument. Instruments with simple Bourdon pressure gauge  without automatic sensors are available.

Technical Specifications – Strain Gauge Sensor

Measuring Range da 200 a 2000 KN (altri a richiesta)
Sensitivity Rating 2 mV/V
Tolerance on sensitivity +/- 0,1% f.s.
Errore combinato (non linearità, isteresi, ripetibilità) +/- 0,2% f.s.
Thermal Drift of the compensated range (zero) +/- 0,005% f.s./°C
Input and output  resistance 1400-1500 Ohm
Power Supply 2-15 Vcc
Compensated temperature range -10 …… +40 °C
Operation Temperature -20 …… +70 °C
Maximum overcharge allowable 150% f.s.
Failure Load >300% f.s.
Protection IP67
Material Stainless steel

Dimensions and full scale

Code “Φ” inside hole  (mm) “Φ” outside hole  (mm) Φ” force load crown (mm) FS (KN)
CTE-018 18 50 30 200
CTE-036 36 73 50 300
CTE-060 60 160 92 500-750-1000
CTE-120 120 200 150 1000-1200
CTE-16556 165 250 190 1000-1500-2000
Other Upon request Upon request Upon request Upon request

Technical Specifications – Vibrating Wire Sensors

Range 15 KN
Sensitivity 1÷2 KN /cm²
Precision 0,2% f.s.
Working Temperature -40°C ÷ +70°C
Connection cable 6 x 2 x 0,5 mm²

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