Non Destructive Testing Instruments

Thanks to collaboration with Professor Natale Gucci of the University of Pisa, it was possible to design and produce a unique tool to measure mortar strength, the penetrometer PNT-G.

Lime mortar is essentially constituted by lime and an aggregate of sand.
Professor Gucci concluded that its strength depends on the strength of the bonds that constitute it; it should therefore follow that the strength of the lime mortar would be correlated to the energy required to reduce it to sand.
If the energy required to do this is measured, an important parameter is obtained for the mechanical properties of the mortar, in particular regarding its strength.
The instrument is manufactured using top quality materials and components for both the mechanical part and the electronics. A special drill, adapted by us to operate in the most effective way, equipped with an electromechanical definition unit for orientation and an electronic measuring unit with digital display for data reading.


PNT-G2 Penetrometer

Professor Natale Gucci of the University of Pisa, conceived and supervised the design of an instrument for measuring the strength of mortars.SIGMA Laboratories in Florence were

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