Municipality of Naro (Agrigento) – Italy


Sicilian Region




Supply of control instrumentation to be applied on buildings in the landslide area of ​​the town of Naro (Agrigento)

In 2006 the Pizzi company was commissioned by the Diagnosis Company of Catania, on a commission from the Sicilian Region, to supply instruments for monitoring injuries in buildings and in correspondence with fractures in the rock in the landslide area of ​​the town of Naro (Agrigento).

The proposed monitoring system provided for the supply of vibrating wire piezometers for measuring the trend of the height of the water table and electrical strain gauges of the potentiometric type for controlling the evolution of the cracking framework.

In order to allow the correlation between the movements reported by the geotechnical instrumentation and the rainfall, the provision of a pluvio-thermometric station was envisaged.

The supply of our acquisition unit, on the other hand, allowed for continuous recording and digital archiving of data.

The SENTINEL monitoring software is able to automatically manage the call of the unit and the collection of data from it, the configuration of the various channels for obtaining the data processed in an engineering unit, the organization and return of the data in both numerical and graphic form.

All the activities of supply and installation of the instrumentation were carried out in accordance with and in compliance with the contract specifications, receiving the approval and certification of regular execution by the Client.

Instrumentation object of maintenance and implementation:

Centraline, Acquisitori e Software

Datalogger CUM3000

Sentinel – Monitoring Software

Piezometri e misuratori di livello

Piezometri a corda vibrante

Piezometri elettrici

Sensori di temperatura e meteo

Sensori per meteorologia