HPP Bumbuna Sierra Leone


Salcost – Sierra Leone


2009 – 2014


Bumbuna hydroelectric plant: supply of monitoring instrumentation

The Bumbuna hydroelectric power plant is located in Sierra Leone, about 350 km from the capital Freetown.

The Bumbuna hydroelectric power plant project includes an 88 meter high cliff dam with an upstream face and a 50 MW hydroelectric power plant located on the Seli river.

With its entry into service in 2009, there was a significant improvement in the problem related to the supply of electricity at a national level.

Energy production takes place under the supervision and coordination of the National Power Authority.

Pizzi Instruments carried out an initial supply of monitoring instrumentation during the construction phases of the project and, subsequently, during the management and maintenance phases of the plant.

The supplies were concluded positively receiving positive feedback from the Client.

Tools used:

DEC3000 Portable Datalogger

DEC5 Portable Readout Unit

Software di monitoraggio Sentinel

Piezometri corda vibrante