Grancarevo Dam – Trebinje – Bosnia Herzegovina


HET – Hydrosystem Trebisnjica Trebinje – Bosnia and Herzegovina


1986 – First supply 2004 – Second supply 2016 — Third supply


Supply and installation of geotechnical monitoring equipment for the Grancarevo arch dam, located at the confluence of the Trebišnjica river, near the town of Gornje Grančarevo in the municipality of Trebinje (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

The Grancarevo dam with its 123 m height is the highest dam in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Trebinje hydroelectric plant is the reference energy plant for all the towns bordering the Trebišnjica river.

The Pizzi company carried out an initial supply of monitoring instrumentation during the construction phase of the dam and subsequently during the implementation phases of the project.

Recently Pizzi Instruments has completed the supply and installation of monitoring instrumentation by proposing to the Client the updating of an old measurement method, which involved the use of a sledometer, with a more modern conception methodology through the use of our inverted pendulum.

Tools used:

Pendoli e Coordinometri

Coordinometri ottici

Coordinometri automatici elettromagnetici

Pendoli rovesci

Centraline, Acquisitori e Software

Datalogger CUM3000

Sentinel – Monitoring Software

Sensori di temperatura e meteo