Gibe III Dam – Ethiopia


Salini Impregilo Spa


July 2011 – December 2016


Gibe III Dam in Ethiopia. Supply and installation of monitoring instrumentation.

Gilgel Gibe III is a dam, currently nearing completion, about 243m high in RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete). Once completed, the dam will be connected to a hydroelectric plant on the Omo River and will represent the largest hydroelectric plant in Africa.

The Gibe III project is part of a wider realization: the plant, in fact, is the third of the Gibe-Omo waterfall which includes Gilgel Gibe I and Gilgel Gibe II, already operational upstream, and provides for the construction of the Gibe plants downstream. IV and Gibe V.

In 2011 Pizzi Instruments received an important order from the manufacturing company for the supply and installation of the monitoring instrumentation.

The installed instrumentation was purposely made by Pizzi Instruments thanks to the long experience acquired in geotechnical and structural monitoring, adopting innovative construction details to ensure reliable and long-lasting functionality.

The first supply began in July 2011, continuing successfully until 2016.

Tools used:

DEC3000 Portable Datalogger

DEC5 Portable Readout Unit

Software di monitoraggio Sentinel

Pendolo diritto

Pendolo rovescio

Coordinometro automatico elettromagnetico

Optical Coordinometer

Piezometri corda vibrante

Aste idrometriche

Targhe numerate

Piezometric Level Meter

Collimatore ottico di precisione



Stazione meteo

Vibrating Wire Rod Extensometer

Deformometro removibile 700