Countryside Area of San Biagio (Florence) – Italy


Province of Florence




Supply of two landslide monitoring systems as part of the “S.P. 16 Chianti-Valdarno S.P. 56 del Brollo and Poggio alla Croce – Connection to San Biagio “

In 2010, Pizzi Instruments was commissioned by the Province of Florence to supply two monitoring systems to control the landslide movements occurred, during the construction of a road link, in the countryside area of San Biagio (Florence).

The landslide movement had a distance of about 15 meters from the construction site and threatened, in the event of precipitation, to affect the medium voltage pylon located upstream of the excavations.

The proposed monitoring system envisaged the supply of wire strain gauges for the evaluation and monitoring of the deformation phenomenon over time.

The supply of the CUM3000 Datalogger has instead allowed the continuous recording and digital archiving of data.

The Sentinel monitoring software allows you to automatically manage the call of the unit and the data collection from it, the configuration of the various channels for obtaining the data processed in engineering units, the organization and return of data both numerical and graphic form.

The supply and installation of the instrumentation were successfully completed without any objections from the Client.

Tools used:

Fessurimetri e misuratori di giunti

Estensimetri a filo

Centraline, Acquisitori e Software

CUM3000 Datalogger

Software Sentinel per gestione monitoraggio