Alice Castello landfill (Vercelli) – Supply of geotechnical equipment






In 2008 the Pizzi company received the order for the supply of a monitoring system for the Alice Castello landfill, in the province of Vercelli.
The system implemented included the supply of load cells for soil and load cells for loose materials, both with integrated temperature sensor, and a wire strain gauge.
The acquisition, measurement and storage control unit mod. CUM2000, currently replaced and implemented by the CUM3000 version, has made it possible to manage the measurements in a complete and autonomous manner, according to cycles and timings that can be preset by the operator, both from the same unit and remotely from a PC, suitably equipped with our S / W Sentinel .
The supply and installation of the system were successfully completed without any objections from the Client.

Tools used:

Total pressure cells for soil
Toroidal electric load cells
Wire extensometer
Datalogger CUM 3000