Structural and Conservative Monitoring of Historical Monuments

Structural and Conservation Monitoring for Monuments

Maintaining and enhancing the priceless historical and cultural heritage of our planet is essential to passing on culture, knowledge, and artistic legacy to subsequent generations. Our comprehensive solutions for structural and conservation monitoring of historic and archaeological sites are at the forefront of this effort, safeguarding these treasures not only in Italy but also globally.

Structural and Conservative Monitoring of Historical Monuments around the World

To design specialized and flexible monitoring systems, we successfully collaborate with renowned universities, public and private organizations, and other companies as part of our commitment to the protection of historic monuments. These systems are expertly created to meet the specific needs of each monument, ensuring structural integrity and preservation requirements.

With a long list of famous buildings and landmarks in our portfolio, we take excellent care of them. In particular, we have been entrusted with guarding revered sites such as the Serapeum, the Falcon Gallery and the Djoser Pyramids, all located within the revered Saqqara burial area. Our knowledge also includes the meticulous conservation of Cairo’s Coptic churches. In each of these projects we use sophisticated monitoring systems and specialized tools, all carefully designed and created by our team of professionals.

As we contribute our knowledge to the preservation of cultural treasures around the world, our commitment to structural and conservation monitoring of monuments transcends geographic boundaries. The knowledge that these monuments are more than just archives of history and serve as living memories spanning generations and civilizations motivates our dedication to preserving the architectural wonders of the past.

As we continue to advance our technologies and expand our global presence, we remain committed to our mission to protect and preserve the priceless cultural and historical treasures that define our shared human heritage. We stand by our unwavering dedication to preserving the past for the benefit of the future with our specially designed monitoring solutions.

Lungarno Torrigiani – Florence (Italy)

Lungarno Torrigiani dates back to the second half of the nineteenth century, during the works for Florence Capital ( 1865 – 1871) the two banks of Arno river upstream of Ponte Vecchio were set up by realizing the “lungarni”.

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