Quaira della Miniera DAM (Bolzano – Italy)


SE Hydropower Spa (Bolzano – Italy)


2015 – 2016


Supply of Pizzi Instruments Laser Telependulum – LAC3000 Model

Quaira delle Miniera Dam is owned by the Company SE Hydropower Spa, a subsidiary company of the Alperia Group, the most important South Tyrolean Energy Company.

The dam has an height of 85 meters and a total volume of 12,8 (mil.mc) and it is connected to the hydroelectric power plant of Pracomune in Val D’Ultimo through which the full exploitation of the valley’s water resources is realized.
In 2015 Pizzi Instruments receives from SE Hydropower of Bolzano the first contract for the supply of n. 3 laser telependulums – model LAC3000.
In 2016, the customer, fully satisfied with the delivery, proceeded with the order of three additional laser telependulums – model LAC3000.
In both cases, all the activities have been carried out in accordance with the contractual specifications, upon receipt of the approval of regular performance by the Customer.
Pizzi Instruments has always paid particular attention to dam monitoring and has implemented the LAC3000 telependulums using laser-based sensors.
The LAC3000 coordinator is an innovative instrument with very simple technologies that is able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
This tool allows the monitoring of the horizontal movements of the dam body, necessary for the control and evaluation of its state of health.

Tools used:

Laser Telependulum – Model LAC3000