Civil Works

Instruments and solutions for geotechnical and structural monitoring systems

Our Works

High Speed Line – Florence (Italy)

Municipality of Siena (Italy)

Department of Civil Protection

Port of Catania : Load tests on pole

Tunnels monitoring and underground works.

Our instruments and systems are used for geotechnical and structural monitoring of tunnels and all underground works in general.
We have examples of Pizzi Instrumentation systems monitoring tunnel entrances, excavation areas, already constructed galleries and buildings surrounding excavation areas.
In such monitoring the reliability of the instrumentation is of fundamental importance in addition to the use of automatic acquisition systems which guarantee remote control 24/7.

Building monitoring

Buildings and structures may be subject to stress and tension due to various causes.
The monitoring of the status of a building, after the completion of work which could compromise its stability, and the control of phenomena and evidence such as cracks and subsidence, which can occur for various reasons, are of primary importance.
Pizzi Instruments has developed instruments and systems for the control and monitoring of buildings (Structural Health Monitoring – SHM), offering remote control in real time solutions with low visual impact, 24/7.