Pressure Gauge with Bourdon Manometer

Pressures gauges with Bourdon Manometer are usually used to measure uplift pressures in concrete and RCC (Roller-Compacted Concrete) dams and also in earthfill dams.
Each system is composed by:

  • Measuring instrument (Bourdon Manometer)
  • A three-way tape
  • A connecting element for the piezometric tube

The system allows measurement of pressure, discharge of pore pressures .
The system allows passage of a cable for automatic monitoring with piezometric sensor (vibrating wire piezometer or electric piezometer).

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Typical applications are:

  • concrete and RCC dams
  • embankment dams

Features and Benefits

The measuring instrument is composed by a spring manometer, Bourdon Type in class 1%.
On request, pressures gauges with a different degree of accuracy (0,5% or 0,25%) are available.
The connecting element for the piezometric tube is normally supplied with a threading of 2” GAS.
The measuring ranges normalized by the pressure gauges are :
bar; 0-2,5 bar; 0-4 bar; 0-6 bar; 0-10 bar.
This instrument is often provided with an automatic sensor (vibrating wire, piezo-electric or other) for automatic measurement; the group enables pressure discharge thanks to a spillway present on the block and adjusted by manual gate valve. Also available is a group with Bourdon and control valve for the release of air.

Measuring Principle

The measuring principle of the Bourdon Manometer is extremely simple; pressure acts inside a spiral spring, composed by a tube with an ellipsoidal section, whose stretching is proportional to the pressure itself
The pressure to be measured acts on a spiral spring inside a flattened tube and the distension is proportional to the pressure itself. The spiral rotates and linked to a gauge provides the desired measurement.

Technical specifications

Body Stainless steel
Filling Air or glycerin
Measuring ranges 0 – 1 bar; 0 – 2,5 bar; 0 – 4 bar; 0 – 6 bar; 0 – 10 bar
Precision 1% standard; upon request: 0,5% f.s. and 0,25% f.s.

Technical Specifications

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