Pendulums and Coordinometers

This category includes pendulums and related coordinometers proposed by Pizzi Instruments.
Direct and inverted pendulums, made entirely of stainless steel, are available and generally used to measure horizontal movements of structures such as concrete dams, buildings, towers, bell towers and other structures where it is essential to measure rotations with high accuracy and resolution.

Direct and inverted pendulums installed together in a structure, make it possible to detect its movements by defining both: the rotational and translational elements. Correlation with fixed known points, either external or in the foundations, allows detection of the absolute movements.
Our automatic coordinometer has been designed and built to ensure high reliability and safety; characteristics guaranteed by the results already achieved in numerous installations where our instruments are in operation in harsh environmental conditions.
The automatic coordinometer performs the measurement of the position of the plumb line in two orthogonal coordinates (in the X and Y axis)
For measuring the variation of position of a plumb line, either direct or inverted, from its original location, Pizzi Instruments offers a wide range of manual and automatic coordinometers.
For manual monitoring, we offer our optical coordinometer which has already been in use in numerous dams for many years and where maintenance is still guaranteed for Pizzi Instruments as with new products.
We also offer a new coordinometer EGS-2C and EGS-FT (the latter for horizontal wire) electromechanical instruments with measurements shown on a digital display
To the two manual coordinometers we add our automatic coordinometers available in three different models; electro-tracking, laser sensor and image processing. IPT.
Our tracker coordinometer has been installed for years on numerous dams and performs well with minimal maintenance requirements.
The laser coordinometer was developed for the specific needs of our clients for instruments with no moving parts and which allow interchangeability, in terms of dimension and electrical characteristics, with existing coordinometers already installed on numerous dams.
Our image processing coordinometer is an innovative new tool with exceptional performance for an instrument of its type, measuring fields of 150mm for the X and Y axis and 20mm for the Z-axis, enabling monitoring and validation of data for each measurement, viewing of the measuring group’s state and instrument conditions. Outputs are in digital and analog formats, self-tests, local and remote calibration are possible.

Pendulums and Coordinometers

Direct and Inverted Pendulum

Direct and inverted pendulums are generally used to measure rotations and translations of large structures such as concrete dams, tall buildings, towers and steeples, etc.

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Pendulums and Coordinometers

Laser Telependulum

The automatic coordinometer is used for measuring the position of the wire of direct and inverted pendulums in the two Cartesian coordinates in the horizontal

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Pendulums and Coordinometers

Optical Coordinometer

The optical coordinometer is used for measuring the position of the wire of straight or inverted pendulums, providing the two cartesian coordinates of the horizontal

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Pendulums and Coordinometers

Electromagnetic Telependulum

The automatic coordinatometer is used to measure the position of the wire of the direct and inverted pendulums in the two cartesian coordinates in the

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