Ponte Vecchio – Florence (Italy)


University of Florence – Department of Earth Sciences


2016 – in progress


Ponte Vecchio (Florence): supply and installation of monitoring sensors

Ponte Vecchio is one of the Florentine symbols all over the world.

After the deep chasm opened in Lungarno Torrigiani, the Department of Earth Science of the University of Florence has immediately started a campaign to monitor and verify the adjacent structures affected by the disaster, extending the control even to the most important works of historical heritage, first of all the Old Bridge, one of the most known and visited bridges all over the world.

As first stage of the project, a series of biaxial sensors were been installed under the arches of the Bridge able to monitor the wall stability of the bridge.

The supplied system has been subsequently implemented by a robotic total station.

Pizzi Instruments has supplied the monitoring instrumentation while Pizzi Terra has been involved by the installation of the sensors with the logistic and functional support of firemen and of the monitoring service.



Tools used:

Digital MEMS
Topographical Monitoring System