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Italian Navy (La Spezia) – Italy


Italian Navy (La Spezia) – Italy

Work execution date

2015 – 2016


The project was born from the need of the Italian Navy to be equipped with a system to measure the transversal inclinations of Navy ships during stability tests.

The system proposed by Pizzi Instruments, fully meeting the requirements and needs indicated by the Client, consists of:

2 clinometric sensors with MEMS technology

1 signal digitization unit and control unit

1 sensor power supply system with battery and signal conversion unit

1 control unit based on a third generation Intel Core processor

n.1 Software license for measurement acquisition and display

The two proposed sensors have been connected through a specific signal cable to the digitization electronics which transmits the signal in real time to the configured control unit.

Through the Real Time Tilt Viewer software all the data were checked, displayed and recorded in real time by the clinometric sensors. The acquired data are exported in the required formats.

Two days of on-site training were also carried out for staff training on the use of the software and an initial system configuration.

Tools used:

Clinometers and Inclinometers

MEMS digital clinometers

Centraline, Acquisitori e Software

Real Time Team Viewer software