Djerdap I Kladovo Dam – Serbia


European Agency for Reconstruction – Belgrade(Serbia)


First supply : 2001 – Second supply : 2007


Djerdap I Dam (Kladovo – Serbia): supply and installation of monitoring instrumentation

The Djerdap Dam is a concrete gravity dam, it is the largest dam in the Danube, located on the Serbian-Romanian border.

The Djerdap Dam, located on the banks of the Danube on the Serbian-Romanian border, was designed in a symmetrical way in order to guarantee a fair supply to the two nations involved in the project.

Each part has its own hydroelectric power plant, 7 chalice spillways in addition to the 14 positioned in the common flow of the dam.

The two hydroelectric plants are connected to each other so that, in case of need, the Serbian electricity plant can supply the Romanian one and vice versa.

In 2001, under the patronage of the “European Energy Program for Serbia”, the Pizzi company signed a contract with the European Agency for Reconstruction of Belgrade for the supply and installation of monitoring instruments for the Djerdap dam.

All the activities of supply and installation of the instrumentation were carried out in accordance with and in compliance with the contract specifications, receiving the approval and certification of regular execution by the Client.

In 2007, the Pizzi company made a further supply of monitoring instrumentation, receiving, in this case too, the certificate of correct and compliant execution of the supply performed, fulfilling its completeness from a technical-design point of view.

Tools used:


Fessurimetri e Misuratori di Giunti

Deformometri removibili 700

Clinometers and Inclinometers

Clinometri Livella Torica

Clinometri biassiali

Pendoli e Coordinometri

EGS – Coordinometri Portatili