Disueri Dam – Caltanissetta (Italy)


Sicily Region


2020 – 2021


Lake Disueri is an artificial lake located in the municipality of Gela, in the province of Caltanissetta. The lake is located 150 meters above sea level, is 3 km long and 1 km wide at its widest point. Its maximum depth at full reservoir is 34 m, with a volume of water of 14 million cubic meters.

In the program of revision and adaptation of the monitoring systems of important dams currently under the control of the Sicilian Region, we have completed the installation of new equipment entirely designed and supplied by us for the Disueri dam.
We have completed the update of the acquisition system with a new CUM3000 unit and transmission of measurements via radio modem. We have installed a new reservoir level gauge and a new hydrometrographic station downstream of the dam.

Datalogger CUM3000
Sentinel – Software di monitoraggio