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Dams managed by Mediterranean Water Authority – Liguria


Mediterranean Water Authority – Water Supply Service

Work execution date

2013 – in progress


Mediterranea delle Acque: periodic verification of dam control instruments

Mediterranea delle Acque Spa deals with the management of integrated water services in the Liguria region.
The resources managed by the Company consist of 6 reservoirs, 63 streams, 365 springs and 46 wells.

For several years, the Pizzi company has been periodically revising the monitoring equipment supplied and installed at the dams managed by the Mediterranea delle Acque water supply service.
The monitored dams are: Brugneto dam, Busalletta dam, Noci dam, Lavagnina dam, Gorzente dam.
All the instrumentation is inspected, proceeding with the necessary repairs and guaranteeing and certifying its interventions through its calibration service.
When requested, action is also taken directly on the dam, also addressing contingent conditions of urgency.
Over the years, the equipment provided has been implemented, suggesting and providing the best innovative and functional solutions.

Tools used:

Collimatore ottico di precisione
Datalogger CUM3000
DEC3000 Portable Datarecorder
Clinometro a livella torica
Deformometro removibile 700
Optical Coordinometer
Piezometri corda vibrante