Dam Monitoring Instrumentation

Monitoring Systems for Dams and Civil Engineering Projects

Pizzi Instruments’ efforts are focused on developing and providing state-of-the-art monitoring solutions for major civil engineering works. Our main focus is on critical infrastructure projects, particularly dams, tunnels, bridges, excavation sites and other structural infrastructure works. Our progress began more than four decades ago with the signing of an agreement that established us as the successor to the estimable Italian company Officine Galileo of Florence. Renowned for its deep expertise in specialized instrumentation for dam monitoring, this partnership set the stage for our pursuit of excellence.

Our professional commitment has left an indelible mark, with our instruments and solutions protecting the structural integrity of more than 300 dams in Italy and around the world. In particular, our continued dedication and the quality of our work have been recognized through our central role in providing instrumentation for the monumental GIBE III dam in Ethiopia and the monumental GERDP dam, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, on the Blue Nile. This important work is currently under construction through the efforts of the prominent Italian company WEBUILD.

Our extensive experience and the exceptional quality of our instruments extend their applicability far beyond dams, encompassing complete structural monitoring of tunnels, bridges, excavated areas, historical monuments, residential buildings, and more.

Our excellent reputation and long history in the industry have sharpened our skills to a level that has enabled us to undertake prestigious projects. Prominent among these are the New Foster Station in Florence and the Florence underground infrastructure development, integral components of the High-Speed project, which entrusted us with their monitoring needs. These projects demand only excellence, and our tailored solutions are up to the task, meticulously monitoring essential parameters in real time.

One of our distinctive attributes is the inherent precision and accuracy of our instrumentation

Our systems operate in real time, effortlessly providing data automatically and ensuring maximum precision and accuracy. Our products are rigorously tested in accordance with Italian and international standards, ensuring unmatched compliance and safety for our customers.

Pizzi Instruments is an example of leadership in its niche, not just on the basis of size or turnover, but rather on the basis of professionalism, integrity, expertise and other characteristics that position us among the leading global entities in the field of monitoring systems for dams, bridges, tunnels and large-scale civil engineering projects. 

Our rich heritage, unwavering commitment to excellence, and extensive experience converge to deliver pioneering solutions that set new benchmarks in civil engineering instrumentation. With a dynamic portfolio that spans the globe, we remain steadfast in our mission to strengthen the structural integrity of major civil engineering projects.

Bilancino Dam – Florence (Italy)

From 1987 to today, the Pizzi Franco company has periodically signed a series of contracts with Publiacqua SpA both for scheduled maintenance and for the new supply of monitoring and control instruments installed at the Bilancino Dam.

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Concepción Dam – Honduras

In 1991 the Pizzi company made a first supply and installation of monitoring instrumentation. In 2009 Pizzi Instruments received the second order for the updating and implementation of the monitoring system installed in the dam.

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Water Authority of Sardinia Dams

From 1997 to today, the Pizzi Franco company has periodically signed a series of contracts with the Ente Acque della Sardegna both for scheduled maintenance and for the new supply of monitoring and control instrumentation installed at the dams managed by the Directorate of the Dams Service of the Authority. .

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Djerdap I Kladovo Dam – Serbia

In 2001, under the patronage of the “European Energy Program for Serbia”, the Pizzi company signed a contract with the European Agency for Reconstruction of Belgrade for the supply and installation of monitoring instruments for the Djerdap dam.

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Rama Dam – Bosnia and Herzegovina

In 2007, the Pizzi company received an important order from the dam managing body, JP Elektroprivreda of Mostar, for the supply and installation of instrumentation that allowed the automation and implementation of the monitoring system installed there.

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HPP Bumbuna Sierra Leone

Pizzi Instruments carried out an initial supply of monitoring instrumentation during the construction phases of the project and, subsequently, during the management and maintenance phases of the plant.

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Automatic reservoir monitoring system

Pizzi Instruments S.r.l. received and executed the first order in partnership with DDWay Srl, as General Contractor towards the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport – Dams General Management, concerning the design, supply and installation of automatic monitoring systems and hydrological emergency control .

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Gibe III Dam – Ethiopia

Gilgel Gibe III is a dam, currently nearing completion, about 243m high in RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete). Once completed, the dam will be connected to a hydroelectric power plant on the Omo River and will represent the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa.

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Quaira della Miniera DAM (Bolzano – Italy)

In 2015 Pizzi Instruments receives from SE Hydropower of Bolzano the first contract for the supply of n. 3 laser telependulums – model LAC3000. In 2016, the customer, fully satisfied with the delivery, proceeded with the order of three additional laser telependulums – model LAC3000.

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Riolunato Dam (Modena – Italy)

In 2015 Pizzi Instruments received the contract from the Gelmi Construction Company for the supply and installation of monitoring instrumentation for the Riolunato dam, currently managed by Enel Green Power.

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Koysha Dam (Ethiopia)

The project has been commissioned by the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) and foresees the construction of a RCC dam, 170 m high, with a reservoir volume of 6000 million cubic meters. The hydroelectric plant will yearly produce 6,460 GWh.

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Isola Serafini Dam (Italy)

In December 2016, Pizzi Instruments awarded the supply for the implementation of a new inclinometric, piezometric and extensimetric monitoring system for ISOLA SERAFINI dam.

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Emarat Dam – Iran

On June 2017 Pizzi Instruments started a fruitful collaboration with the Iranian Engineering Company ARIA FARNAD for the supply of monitoring instrumentation for the Emarat Dam in the Iranian Region of Ardabil.

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Fiastra Dam (Macerata – Italy)

In June 2018 Pizzi Instruments signed an important “framework agreement”, with a three-year duration, for the supply and installation of monitoring equipment for the dams managed by Enel Green Power SpA.

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Disueri Dam – Caltanissetta (Italy)

Lake Disueri is an artificial lake located in the municipality of Gela, in the province of Caltanissetta. The lake is located 150 meters above sea level, is 3 km long and 1 km wide at its widest point. Its maximum depth at full reservoir is 34 m, with a volume of water of 14 million cubic meters.

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Furore Dam – Agrigento (Italy)

The Furore dam on the Grancifone stream or Burraito river is an artificial basin, located in the territory of Naro, in the province of Agrigento, built between 1980 and 1992 and intended for the collection of water from the Burraito river.

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