Concepción Dam – Honduras


Astaldi Spa – Italian Industrial Agency (I.I.A)


1991 – 2009


Supply and installation of monitoring instrumentation for the Concepcións dam, Honduras.

The construction of the Concepción dam made it possible to solve the dramatic water emergency caused by the uncontrolled urban development of the city of Tegucigalpa, in Honduras in record time, allowing for a doubling of its water needs.
In fact, the dam project received the Ingersoll-Rand Italia award in 1991 for civil merits, design and technological innovations.
In 1991, the Pizzi company carried out an initial supply and installation of monitoring instrumentation which allowed, through innovation and the ease of execution of the systems supplied, a simple, rapid and complete control of the entire dam.
All the supply and installation activities were concluded positively and without objections by the Client Astaldi SpA in 1992.

In 2009 Pizzi Instruments received the second order for the updating and implementation of the monitoring system installed in the dam; also in this case, the commissioning activities were completed successfully and without objections by Italian Industrial Agency S.r.l. in June 2009.
All the monitoring instrumentation was created with particular and constant reference to the design drawings, guaranteeing an integrated “turnkey” system including installation, commissioning, training and data management locally and remotely.

Tools used:

Pendoli e Coordinometri

Coordinometri ottici

Coordinometri automatici elettromagnetici

Pendoli rovesci

Pendoli diritti

Centraline, Acquisitori e Software

Datalogger CUM3000

Sentinel – Monitoring Software

Portable Readout Unit

Clinometers and Inclinometers

Clinometri a livella torica

Misuratore di pressione con manometro Bourdon


Collimatore ottico di precisione

Misuratori di perdite e di portata

Sistemi di Misura Livello Piezometrico

Sistemi di Misura perdite ad Ultrasuoni