Column of Justice – Florence (Italy)




The Column of Justice is the highest and most beautiful columns of the city.

The statue is about 6 arms high and made by assembling six pieces of porphyry together with metal pins, probably also coming from Rome.

In 2014, Pizzi Instruments receives the Order from the Service of “Belle Arti” in collaboration with “Fabbrica Palazzo Vecchio” to install a new generation of biaxial tiltmeter system on the majestic Column of Justice.

The system, specially developed and created by Pizzi Instruments, allows to monitor in real time every minimal movement of the work to check, in real-time, security and conditions.

The system is integrated with the CUM3000 data logger, which stores the data and sends to the Service of “Belle Arti”. In case of exceeding a predetermined alarm threshold, the system alerts the technicians directly in real time.

The system provided by Pizzi Instruments has also received the applause of Giorgio Caselli, executive director of the Fine Arts Office of Florence who interviewed states “From today the Column of Justice has become a “specially supervised”.

Tools used: