Casanuova dam on the Chiascio river – Perugia (Italy)


Casanuova SCARL


June/July 2016


Supply of monitoring for the Casanuova dam on the Chiascio river (PG)

The Valfabbrica dam on the Chiascio river, with its availability of 145 million cubic meters per year, is able to meet the drinking water needs of the city of Perugia and other smaller cities.

The dam has a slightly curved planimetric course for the necessary adaptation to the morphology of the ground and is made of loose materials with an impermeable central core on the base rock, with an upstream concrete lining.

The Valfabbrica dam on the Chiascio river, which has recently come into full operation, together with the Montedoglio dam on the Tiber river constitutes the most important water reserve in Central Italy.

Both dams will ensure the necessary resources for the irrigation needs and drinking water needs of large areas of the region, providing their own contribution to the hydrogeological balance of Lake Trasimeno.

In 2016, Pizzi Instruments carried out the supply of monitoring instrumentation, on order from the Casanuova S.c.a.r.l., also following the installation assistance part.

The supply was concluded positively, receiving the approval of the Client.


Sonda assestimetrica USBR