Automatic reservoir monitoring system


Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Directorate-General for Water and Electric Dams


2010 – 2014


Automatic Reservoir Monitoring System Design, supply and installation of automatic monitoring and control systems for hydrological emergencies

Pizzi Instruments S.r.l. received and executed the first order in partnership with DDWay Srl, as General Contractor towards the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport – Dams General Management, concerning the design, supply and installation of automatic monitoring systems and hydrological emergency control .

The aim of the project was the design, development, supply and installation of automatic systems for measuring the reservoir levels; the different types of structures have led to the development and implementation of various technological solutions such as:

  • Misuratori di livello RADAR
  • Misuratori di livello Piezometrici
  • Misuratori di livello ad alta precisione al quarzo

The measurement solutions have been centralized in Datalogger Pizzi Instruments mod. CUM3000 connected via satellite network to a control center of the Dams General Management.

The datalogger developed by Pizzi Instruments is able to read through a wireless connection for data transmission, level sensors of different types such as immersion piezometers or on gripping work, RADAR sensors.

The system also allows, in addition to the control of the flooding levels, to manage alarms and alerts in emergency situations.

The system was delivered and installed in several functional batches.
The project saw the systems installed there on more than 25 dams, including

1st Lot (Year 2010)

Dams: Basentello, Camastra, Monte Cotugno and Saetta

2nd Lot (Year 2011)

Dams: Farneto del Principe, Tarsia, Toppo di Francia, Monte Melillo, Ripa Spaccata, Abate Alonia, Comunanza, Arcichiaro, Ostola and Ingagna.

Tools used:


  • Installation and installation assistance