Automatic monitoring of the former R.S.U. of San Martino a Maiano, Certaldo (FI)


Quadrifoglio Spa – Direzione Impianti – Firenze


2008 – 2010


Automatic control and monitoring of some significant parameters of the former R.S.U. of San Martino a Maiano in the municipality of Certando (FI).

In 2008 the Pizzi company received the order for the supply of a monitoring system to control the levels of the “leachate” and some weather parameters of the former R.S.U. di San Martino a Maiano in the Municipality of Certaldo (FI), managed by the Florentine Consortium of Environmental Hygiene Quadrifoglio Spa.

The system provided made it possible to automatically monitor some piezometric wells, 3 storage tanks and some weather parameters.

One of the problems faced in the study of the supplied system was strictly connected to the type of substances present in the leachate and to the percentage of highly corrosive elements, capable of damaging both the sensor and the cable.

The system implemented therefore envisaged both the supply of titanium piezometric cells (with Teflon cable) and stainless steel piezometric cells with polyurethane cable.

This solution has been purposely proposed to keep open the possibility of implementing the system with the best choice.

The system was then integrated by a series of weather sensors such as rain gauge, barometer, thermohygrometer and anemometer.

The CUM2000 measurement control unit, currently replaced and implemented by the CUM3000 version, has made it possible to manage the measurements in a complete and autonomous manner, according to cycles and timings that can be preset by the operator, both from the same unit and remotely from a PC, suitably equipped with our Sentinel software.

The supply and installation of the monitoring system was successfully completed by receiving the certificate of regular execution from the Client.

Tools used:

Centraline, Acquisitori e Software

CUM3000 datalogger

Software Sentinel per il monitoraggio

Piezometri e Misuratori di livello

Piezometri Corda Vibrante

Sensori di temperatura e meteo

Sensori per meteorologia